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Techsymphony's flagship product is BudoSoft. BudoSoft is a software/service package designed specifically for martial arts schools. It provides customer outreach as well as student services. The software allows multiple styles to be taught within a single school, and will track student advancement through all of those styles.

This barely scratches the surface of BudoSoft's feature set, go to the BudoSoft homepage for more details.


And now for something completly different, we have HeadacheLog provides a unique tool for managing chronic hedache pain. Not only does it provide you and your physician with detailed, professional reports for your headaches, but more importantly it automatically logs weather information and then produces a report of the weather conditions before, during and after your headache. Additionally, it can even give you statistics on how often certain weather conditions have occured during one of your headaches. For instance, you may know that you get more headaches when the humidity is high. Using HeadacheLog you can tell that 65% of your headaches occur with an average humidity of 80%. Also, HeadacheLog will do all that same tracking with food. So if you've been thinking that maybe spicy food, or shellfish, or chocolate have been causing your headaches, HeadacheLog can give you the hard facts, so you can take action and start managing your pain. Head over to the homepage to get started.